10 Lazy Gift Ideas For Snow Riders

Lazy gift ideas for snow riders

Know someone who loves skiing or snowboarding? Here are 10 gift ideas that will help them ride smarter (not harder) whilst looking cool at the same time. These gift ideas are perfect for any occasion (birthday, Christmas, mother’s day, father’s day, etc.) and are suitable for snow riders of all levels to help them enjoy their snow adventures.

1. K2 Rival Pro Snow Helmet

Gift ideas for skiers and snowboarder - check out the K2 Rival Helmet

The K2 Rival Pro Snow Helmet is a special gift for someone who loves their snow sports and listening to their beats simultaneously. The helmet is very comfortable, adjustable for a perfect fit, and the in-built sound quality is excellent whilst riding. I’ve been using mine for 5 years, and it’s still going strong – read my full review here.

2. Copozz Snow Goggles

Gift ideas for skiers and snowboarder - check out these Copozz Goggles

The Copozz Snow Goggles will make a cool and thoughtful gift for skiers and snowboarders who love to do things the easy way. These high-quality goggles will make life easier up the mountain, allowing them to switch lenses quickly when the weather changes. They are also a quarter of the price of big-name brands with similar features. Read my full review here.

3. Bluetooth Beanie

Gift ideas for skiers and snowboarder - check out this Bluetooth Music Beanie

This Bluetooth Beanie will make a perfect Christmas for snow riders who care about appearance to and from their mountain adventures. This isn’t beanie any beanie; it’s a Bluetooth beanie so they can keep their head warm and listen to music seamlessly. This cool gadget features a thick material to keep the warm, high-quality sound that won’t leak, Bluetooth connectivity until 33 feet without dropping, and up to 15-20 hours of battery life after recharging. 

4. Demon Complete Basic Tune Kit

Demon’s Basic Complete Tune Kit will impress snow riders who take pride in looking after their own skis or snowboarder. They may also be spending a lot of money on tuning their equipment on a regular basis. This tuning kit is perfect for getting ready for their snow trip in their own garage. It features a high-quality iron with temperature gauge, edge tuner, wax scraper, flat file, wire brush, polish pad, metal scraper and includes a handy carry case.  

5. Ninja Outdoorsman Backpack

This Ninja Outdoorsman Backpack will make a great gift for snow riders.

This simple but stylish-looking Ninja Backpack is ideal for skiers and snowboarders who love to take their own stuff during their powder adventures. This heavy-duty sleek looking backpack is waterproof, durable, and has 30 liters of capacity to take all the essentials.

6. Columbia Fleece Jumper

This Columbia Fleece Jumper is perfect for wearing to the snow.

Your snow buddies will be thankful for a Columbia Fleece Jumper as a Christmas gift – you can never have too many of these! The only risk with this as a gift is sizing, so it’s only recommended for someone you know well. This fleece provides the ultimate mid-layer comfort with an ultra-soft 100% polyester fleece material, a collared neck, zipper closure, and two-sided zippered security pockets to keep small items secure.

7. MeriWool Balaclava Face Mask

This MeriWool Balaclava Face Mask will keep snow riders warm up on the mountains.

This MeriWool balaclava face mask is suitable for anyone who goes to exotic and freezing places to get their adrenalin kicks. This mask is lightweight, super comfortable, and will keep their face warm in minus temperatures. It also features an extra-long neck and shoulders to stay protected on the windiest of days.

8. Venoro Ski Mittens

These Venoro Ski Mittens is a perfect gift for snow riders to keep their hands warm up the mountain.

These Venoro Ski Mittens are a great gift for all snow riders to keep their hands warm in icy conditions up to -22℉(-30℃). The best feature of this mitten is its touch screen compatibility – no need to take them off to operate a smartphone if it’s too cold or they’re just lazy. These mittens are stylish, not bulky, will keep hands dry and adjustable by buckle wrist strap and the drawstring closure.

9. WTACTFUL Neck Warmer

This WTACTFUL Neck Warmer is a perfect gift for snow riders to keep warm.

The WTACTFUL Neck Warmer is a cheap but thoughtful gift for those in their winter sports. This fleece is neck warm, super soft, comfortable, breathable, anti-static, windproof, and there are lots of colors to choose from.

10. Le Bent Ski Socks

These thin Le Bent Ski Socks will keep snow riders riding comfortably all the day long.

Although socks are typically not the most exciting gift, these Le Bent Ski Socks will bring a smile to your snow rider people who appreciate the value of good ski socks. They are made from a bamboo and merino wool blend, making them one of the most environmentally friendly socks. These eco-friendly socks are ultra-light, breathable, and provide the perfect blend of comfort without affecting the boot’s fit.

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