Copozz Snow Goggles Makes Switching Lenses A Breeze

Copozz Smart Goggles makes it easy to change lenses
Cool Gadget Copozz Snow Goggles makes things easier when the weather turns

What makes Copozz Snow Goggles a cool gadget

Ever find it impossible to change your snow goggle lenses when the weather conditions suddenly change from sunny to stormy? This cool gadget will you save time and money.

Gone are the days that you simply have to put up with low visibility with these Copozz magnetic lens goggles, where you can change lenses instantly. You don’t even need to take your gloves off with this cool new gadget!

These goggles are nearly quarter the price of mainstream goggles and the online reviews are fantastic. Having personally road tested these in Australia, Japan and Canada I can tell you these have worked a treat in all weather conditions.

Copozz Snow Goggles Features

Cool Gadget Copozz Snow Goggles

Lenses Optical Attribute
The lens has UV400 protection, is anti-fog, explosion-proof, double layered and has a mirror coating.

Spherical lenses for a larger field of vision
The lens is top quality and durable featuring 10 magnets, a super flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material, it is virtually impossible to break. The lens also matches the curvature of your eyes to give you a less distorted field of vision, more peripheral vision and a clearer sharper view.

Over-The-Glasses (OTG), Soft Safety TPU Frame
The soft TPU frame provides protection in case of a crash. over the glasses (OTG) design to let frame compatible with most prescription glasses.

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